Request a Bumper Sticker


Dear supporter,

In order to make things more convenient, & to be able to keep track of those who have already received a bumper sticker, we have decided to change the process for requesting a Happel-at-Large bumper sticker to put on your vehicle.

If you would like to request a bumper sticker, please email us at [email protected], & let us know how many you would like us to send.  

Please don't forget to include your name & address, so that we know where to send them!

Thank you for understanding, & apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please Note: In order to ensure we don't run out, requests will be limited to five (5) bumper stickers per household, per request.  If you end up needing more, please contact us again when you need them, & we will do our best meet your needs.

Best wishes,

The Happel Committee

The Happel Committee
P.O. Box 535
Weymouth, MA. 02190
Phone: 781-812-2498
Email: [email protected] 

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